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Nature’s Scent Co.

Mini Wax Melt Scoopies ~ The Summit

Mini Wax Melt Scoopies ~ The Summit

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All of our beeswax is 100% natural and we only use clean fragrances & essential oils that will bring Nature’s scent home to you! 

Scoopable mini 100% beeswax melts are the perfect choice for those who like to customize the fragrance strength throughout their house & office. Each tart measures approx. 1”. You can scoop out 1, 2, 3 or more to adjust the strength of the fragrance you need for each size room. (Although, you will likely only need 1-2 with our fragrance strength). The jars come with a cork lid and a detachable wooden spoon to scoop out your desired amount of wax melts. These not only serve as  beautiful home decor, but after the melts are gone, the jar is 100% reusable! Simply wash the jar in hot, soapy water. 

Each jar contains approximately 7 oz. (35-40 mini tarts) of scoopable beeswax melts. To use: Scoop out the desired amount of melts with the provided spoon, and place in either an electric or tea lite wax warmer. 

Great for gift giving for all Nature lovers! 

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