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  • I'm so in love!

    Thank you for the bees wax melting tarts. Nice to use natural items in our home.

  • Cannot Recommend This Enough!

    This is the most delicious candle. It is made from safe ingredients and it gives off the most delightful scent and has a lovely fire-crackling sound due to the special wick. Cannot recommend this enough. Got one as a gift and ordered two more as gifts immediately. Love love love. - Jennifer

  • Above & Beyond

    First of all customer service is superb, can't get any better. Nature's Scent Co. goes above and beyond for customer satisfaction. The beeswax tarts are non toxic, and have a great scent that lasts. Thank you for making a wonderful product. - Rose Marie

  • Customer Service A+

    Exceptional customer service - recd an extra little gift for “delayed shipping” which was really just me not knowing her shipping time table. Love the crackle of the wood wick. Thank you so much Nature's Scent Co. Will be purchasing more for gifts :)

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Wax Melt Gift Set

Our honey bee and honey comb wax melt sets are made from 100% organic beeswax blended with premium clean fragrance and essential oils. 

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Bring home the wonderful scents of nature.

Having grown up in the Adirondack Mountains and now living in the Appalachian Mountains has developed a deep love in us for the great outdoors! God has blessed us with so many beautiful views and scents! Those scents are what give us our inspiration in crafting all of our products. All of our products are safe for people, pets and the environment! We use 100% beeswax along with all natural, clean ingredients in everything we craft. Our purpose is to bring the wonderful scents of nature home to you!

"The earth is the LORD'S, and the fullness thereof." Psalm 24:1