Collection: The Summit - Signature Collection

“Arise and climb the mountain.” The Summit is our newest signature scent and is released in conjunction with award winning author Sharon Eleanor Todd. The Summit scent is inspired by Sharon’s new book which tells the story of her inspirational faith journey of discovering renewed hope and purpose. With the beautiful Adirondacks as a backdrop, Sharon recounts God’s love and faithfulness on her trek through life’s mountainous terrain. You can grab a copy of her book at

The Summit scent is a pleasant fragrance with undertones of pine, ozone, clear spring water, wild meadows and earth. It begins with top notes of invigorating eucalyptus and camphor, while middle notes of pine and fir are reinforced by a touch of spiced clove. Cedarwood and patchouli in the base bring this whole mountain top experience together!

We hope that you enjoy this mountain top experience in the comfort of your own home!